About Shannon Marie

Vision Statement

Shannon Marie Coaching provides services, programs and spiritual guidance for woman to activate healing within so they can live life purposely on their spiritual journey. Woman whom have a wish to increase their self-worth and let go of stress blocks preventing them from being their authentic self. I believe that Self-Love and Mindfulness are the essential life factors for this process. It is my commitment and purpose to help women internally heal, release negative emotions surrounding themselves, and the past & present so they can live for today.

I am a small town girl from Victoria Beach, Nova Scotia, growing up beside the Bay of Fundy in Canada. I had many struggles growing up, which led me to become a self-love and mindfulness mentor & coach, empowering women to heal from within through the programs I provide, Mindful Awareness Awakening, and through my inspirational Facebook Live videos, which provides insight from my heart on what matters most.

My mission and purpose is to hold the space for woman in need who desire to build up their self-worth, and break through any life struggling blocks of guilt, shame, self-doubt, and insecurities that cause stress. With the use of self-love and mindfulness practices, I am helping many women to grow, expand, heal, and release stress on their spiritual journey.

My motto: “Being mindful and present sets you free.”