I will listen…intently
    I will ask questions that will help you gain clarity to get to where you want to go
    I will create a safe place for you to explore options and try on new attitudes
    I will acknowledge and support you in your wins and challenges
    I will remind you how unique and intelligent you are
    I will brainstorm with you to design strategies, action steps, and methods of focus
    I will hold you accountable to make sure you live up to your full potential
    I will always be honest and direct


 11900111_1693595024207278_6541552381199993357_oI am writing this letter as a personal reference for Shannon. It is my wish to advocate on behalf of her Life Coaching endeavor. On a professional level; I have had the privilege of getting to know Shannon. I have learned about her hopes for her business through many discussions, by following her online and most significantly from her attendance at several community events. I feel honored to recommend her business as a Life Coach because I believe that she is meant to help people find inner peace.

I have known Shannon for many years and I am able to testify that she is a unique, powerful soul, whom cares deeply about the overall health and wellness of others. She is; honest, trustworthy, loving, passionate, reliable, conscientious, hilarious, independent, and proud. Most importantly, she is a fabulous mentor.

I am well aware of the fact that Shannon has the skills and is an excellent Mindfulness Coach and I hope that you will come to learn this too. She will be able to provide you with the information that you are seeking. She will guide you towards wellness and prosperity. She will empower and enlighten your spirit.

Lisa Mciver

10615544_365059000322893_5705507148574523028_nI've known Shannon for years. She has always been there for me through good times and hurdles. Shes been there when I've needed advise or just someone to talk a problem out with. Her positive practical advice and smile have always greatly helped.

Melissa Comeau

JanaHaving Shannon as my life coach has been a life changing experience for me. I would highly recommend her to anybody who wants to make a positive change in themselves. She is able to find strengths where you may feel its your weakness. She is knowledgeable, caring, honest and will give you the best advice for your situation. She has touched my life and I know she will continue to do the same with all her clients.

Jana Marie

1524731_256087797896664_236182981_nI have known Shannon for many years, and couldn't be happier with her decision to pursue a career as a life coach. Shannon has the ability to put those around her at ease, and is just one of those people that you want to open up to. Shannon is definitely one of the best listeners I know, and she takes on your worries and makes them her own so that the burden all of a sudden doesn't seem like it's too much to handle anymore. Shannon is caring, understanding, empathetic, and trustworthy. Whatever you're going through, open up to  her and let her help!

Megan Clairmont

13647239_10100193218756584_1845170947_oShannon is a loving and genuine coach who specializes in helping you reduce stress and welcome more peace into your life. She has the tools you need to help you reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. There are currently so many coaches out there but not everyone is as devoted as Shannon in helping you reach your full potential and get the most out of life. I highly recommend her services if you’re ready to put the past behind you and live up to your full potential.

Kara Melendy

I love the fact that Shannon Marie has so much positivity around her and that she is a Self-Love and Mindfulness Coach. She always has positive energy in and around her! She has helped me with my toughest struggle in dealing with panic attacks by coaching me when I was at my wits ends and didn't know what else to do. She has given me opportunities and I have took off and blossomed. She has helped me gain more confidence in my life and brought me clarity. I love you Shannon!!! You are the best I swear!!!❤❤

Tara Oikle-Gillis